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XXXIII International Conference of Theoretical Physics

MATTER TO THE DEEPEST: Recent Developments in Physics
of Fundamental Interactions, USTROŃ'09

Organized by
Institute of Physics
University of Silesia

This is a sunset in Ustron

Ustroń, Poland
September 11-16, 2009

Advisory Board

  • F. del Aguila, Granada
  • V. Barger, Madison
  • A. Białas, Cracow
  • A. Czarnecki, Alberta
  • H. Fritzsch, Munich
  • W. Grimus, Vienna
  • W. Hollik, Munich
  • S. Jadach, Cracow
  • F. Jegerlehner, Berlin

  • M. Jeżabek, Cracow
  • J. Kalinowski, Warsaw
  • J. Kühn, Karlsruhe
  • A. Pich, Valencia
  • S. Pokorski, Warsaw
  • E. Remiddi, Bologna
  • T. Riemann, DESY Zeuthen
  • R. Rückl, Würzburg
  • K. Zalewski, Cracow