The School offers:
  • experienced lectors of Polish language with a long practice both in country and abroad,
  • the best conditions of learning and professional education: small groups (6 to 14 people, individual classes are also possible) , modern programmes of teaching, differential courses, didactic aids with the use of recognised textbooks, multimedia and computer programmes,
  • a long practice; the School cooperates with foreign centers of teaching Polish language and with national institutions; its employees participate in different staffs interested in teaching Polish culture and Polish language among foreigners – they are, among others, members of Polish and Foreign Teachers of Polish Culture and Polish Language Society "Bristol", The State Commission for Recognition of Knowledge of Polish Language as a Foreign Language,
  • the possibility to learn in country and abroad.

The School carries out the tests and exams confirm the knowledge of Polish language on a given level of advancement.
The School prepares for passing certificate exams from Polish language as a foreign language.


semestral course – regular fee

1500,00 PLN

semestral course – administration fee

200,00 PLN

intensive monthly course

1500,00 PLN

intensive one-year course

1500,00 €

course for the candidates of studies in Polish language

2000,00 €

individual course in the School

1 hour / 79,00 PLN

deposit (all types of courses)

50,00 €

Summer school of Polish language, literature, and culture

- regular fee 855,00 €
- additional fee for a single room 150 €

Polish workshops

- regular fee 420,00 €
- additional fee for a single room 75 €

40-032 Katowice, plac Sejmu Śląskiego 1, POLSKA
tel.: +48-32/2512991, tel.: +48-32/2009424
fax: +48-32/2512991

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