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Dr. hab. Marian Paluch, professor of US


Reaserch projects financially supported by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research (Ministry of Science and Higher Education): 
  1. Project No. 2 PO2B 081 06; Study of the effect of anisotropy induced by a strong electric field on properties of critical fluctuations in liquids, (1994-1996); co-investigator 
  1. Project No. 2 PO3B 030 12; Study of dynamics of phase transitions in systems with fuzzy relaxation times,  (1997-1999); co-investigator
  1. Project No. 2 PO3B 020 15; Search and verification of models for phase transitions in liquid crystals. Pressure and temperature measurements by means of “linear” and “non-linear” dielectric methods, (1998-2001); co-investigator
  1. Project No. 2 PO3B 043 15; Pressure generalization about the fragility definition for glass-forming liquids, (1998-1999); principal investigator
  1. Project No. 5 PO3B 022 20; Linear and nonlinear dynamic behaviour of supercooled liquids, (2001-2003); principal investigator
  1. Project No. 1 PO3B 075 28; Peculiar behavior of ß relaxation in glass forming liquids, (2005-2008); principal investigator
  1. Project No. N202 148 32/4241 (for PhD student); Study of the peculiar behavior of secondary dielectric relaxations of polypropylene glycols and their water mixtures near the glass transition, (2007-2008); principal investigator
  1. The project funded within the framework of the Polish-Italian scientific and technological co-operation: Broadband dielectric spectroscopy as a monitoring technique of the high pressure effect on soft matter: a) supercooled and glassy dynamics, b) kinetics of polymerization process at very high pressure, (2007-2009); coordinator from Polish side.

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September 2007

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