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Dr. hab. Marian Paluch, professor of US

Conference Presentations

2007 Talk: Peculiar Behavior of the Secondary Dielectric Relaxation in Propylene Glycol Oligomers near the Glass Transition.
The 5th International Workshop on Complex Systems, Sendai (Japan), 25-28 September
2007 Lecture I: Dielectric spectroscopy of  glass-forming liquids under high pressure.
Lecture II: Super-Arrhenius behavior of the structural relaxation times. Viscosity measurements under high pressure. Thermodynamical scaling.
Summer school on Linear Response: Theory and Practice, Søminestationen, Holbæk (Denmark) 1-8 July

2007 Lecture: Glass formation and supercooled liquids under high pressure. Italian-Israel Conference Meeting, Weizman Institute, (Israel) 12-15 March
2006 Opening lecture: Effect of high pressure on relaxation dynamics of glass-forming liquids. 4th workshop on non-equilibrium phenomena in supercooled fluids, glasses and amorphous materials, Pisa (Italy) 17-22 September.
2005 Talk: The importance of a class of secondary relaxation process in glass-forming liquids. Second International Conference on Flow Dynamics, Sendai (Japan), 16-18 November
2004 Talk: Peculiar behaviour of secondary relaxation dynamics in tri-propylene glycol. 5th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems, Lille (France).
2004 Talk: Excess wing versus slow beta relaxation process – high pressure dielectric studies. International Workshop on Dynamics in Viscous Liquids, Munich (Germany), 14-17 March
2003 Talk: Volume effects on the molecular rearrangements in vicinity of glass transition. Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems, Sendai (Japan), 3-8 November

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