The ICCP banquet plase is the "Sztygaraka" Restaurant in Chorzów (Piotra Skargi 34 a/b Str. in Chorzów) WWW

The conference bus time-table is downloadable here!


Dear Participants, the place for ICCP-TSOP 2013 meeting is in Sosnowiec. The registration, sessions and others are planned at the Faculty of Earth Scieneces, University of Silesia. The direct address is: 60 Będzińska Street, 41-200 Sosnowiec.

 INFORMATION FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS THAT ARE HAVING BOOKED THE STUDENT'S HOSTEL in SOSNOWIEC: the hostel is located in Sosnowiec, district Pogoń. The address of the hostel is (in Polish): Dom Studenta nr 3, 41-205 Sosnowiec. ul. Sucha 7 b. I am also giving my Polish mobile number for all interested: 0048 603813074. You can text me or call in case of any problems (even at midnight) (Krzysztof Szopa).

The inforamation about conference's bus you can find in Internet tab: BUS TRANSPORT DURING ICCP and TSOP MEETINGS

Shedule for ICCP 2013 and TSOP 2013 are available to download by using following links: ICCP and TSOP.

 There will be possibility to visit the Tyskie Brewery (Browary Tyskie w Tychach). For ICCP’s and TSOP’s participants the enter is provided on August 26 at c.a. 5.00 p.m. and on September 3 at 5.00 p.m., respectively. The ticket (including transport, visiting and degustation) costs c.a. 3.2 Euro and it has to be paid at the reception desk at the Faculty.

Dear Participants, we would like to inform you that for oral presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes (+5 minutes extra for discussion). Posters should be in AO size (841x1189 mm).

All persons which have accommodation in Katowice will be transported each day during the meeting from Katowice do Sosnowiec and from Sosnowiec to Katowice by bus. More details will be given on next week.

We would like to inform you, that all rooms in student’s hostel near the Faculty of Earth Sciences, University of Silesia (the cheapest version of accommodation) are occupied.

Dear Participants, we would like to inform you that our Polish Bank (ING Bank Śląski), which is the University's Bank does not take any bank transfer fee. According to information given by some participants from all over the word, you can suspect that banks may take some amount of money as a transfer fee. Before you pay the conference fee you should consult that with your bank manager. Otherwise, bank will take the transfer fee from the conference fee. Usually it is c.a. 40-50 $. The difference must be paid at the reception desk in Sosnowiec, Poland.  

Current state for today (2nd of June 2013) is:

€ 1 Euro = 4.27405 zł PLN

$ 1 USD = 3.292789 zł PLN

Dear Participants, we are going to give you the newest information about the exchange ratio of EUR and USD according to PLN. The ratio will be refreshed on every two weeks. Current state for today (17th of April 2013) is:

€ 1 Euro = 4.11322244 zł PLN

$ 1 USD = 3.13149786 zł PLN


The Organizing Committee invites to participate in 65th Annual Meeting of ICCP and 30th Annual Meeting of TSOP.



The conference will be held in Sosnowiec, Poland

(August 25 - September 4, 2013)

Feel free to check the Internet site!!!