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Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2014
Thesis title: Explorative forecasting of multidimensional data (in Polish)
University of Silesia, Institute of Computer Science
Supervisors: Prof. dr hab. inż. Wiesław Kotarski, Dr Marek Wojtylak
PhD Studies, 2013
University of Silesia, Institute of Computer Science
Supervisor: Prof. dr hab. inż. Wiesław Kotarski
Master of Mathematic, University of Silesia, 2008
Forecasting pollution concentrations using fuzzy sets.
Supervisor: Dr Marek Wojtylak
Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Silesia, 2008
Creating a data warehouse using MS-SQL.
Supervisor: Dr Marek Wojtylak
09.2011 - 09.2013, Silesian scholarship from EU project DoktoRis. Project research (in Polish), pp. 139
01.2012 - 09.2013, Grant for the best PhD students.
10.2009 - 09.2012, Scholarship from EU project UPGOW.
10.2008 - 09.2009, Rector's scholarship.
Scientific interests
Big data, multidimensional data, neural networks, expert systems, grouping methods (AI).
Fuzzy sets and fuzzy numbers, multidimensional analysis, methods of time series similarity, methods of multidimensional matrices similarity, algorithms of changing the sequence into fuzzy numbers.
Meteorology, air pollution.
Environmental Modeling, Forecasting, Interpolation
Fractal recognition of shapes, computer graphics.
Member of
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Reviewer for
2013, PH278x: Human Health and Global Environmental Change, an online learning initiative of Harvard University through edX. (Authenticity of this certificate can be verified at https://verify.edx.org/cert/2492fc00d60548848a0d8d57fa1cb51d )
2010, ITA102 Data warehouse PDF
2008, ITA103 Web applications PDF
2008, ITA105 Object-oriented programming PDF
Additional skills
Programming languages: C/C++, C\#, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Processing, Matlab.
Operating systems: Windows, Linux.
Frameworks: ASP.NET.
CMS: Drupal, Joomla.
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server.
Graphical programs: POV-Ray, Blender.
Creating data warehouses.
Designing and creating websites, portals and applications using a.n. tools.
LaTeX typesetting system.
Climbing, cooking, travelling, swimming, motorcycling
University of Silesia
Institute of Computer Science
Department of Modelling and Computer Graphics
39 Będzińska
Sosnowiec 41-200
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